Monday, June 13, 2011

Fuller's Coffee Shop, Portland, OR

For breakfast, one morning, my friends took me to Fuller's Coffee Shop located in the Pearl district of Portland, OR. It's an old school diner making great straightforward breakfast and lunch food. Inside, the diner has two long U-shaped countertops for customers to nestle into. The service was attentive as well. The waitress made sure our coffee and water was always topped off.
I could not resist ordering a strawberry milkshake as strawberries are just coming into season. Made to order, it was thick, passing my "straw test", and was delicious.

For breakfast, I ordered their "pigs in a blanket". The pancake was light and fluffy topped with powdered sugar, and the sausages were great. It even came with heated maple syrup.
My friends took home a loaf of their house made bread as well.

136 Northwest 9th Avenue
Portland, OR

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