Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Pies n' Thighs, Brooklyn

I have been wanting to go to Pies n' Thighs in Williamsburg for a while. Two things I love are fried chicken and pie, they're pretty much never bad, but when they're good, they are divine.  

So I finally made it for lunch with 1000yregg and Redneckhunter.  Since we were eating with our cousins later that evening (and we wanted pie!), 1000yregg and I opted to share a 3-piece chicken box, and I ordered a couple sides.  The chicken was hot, crispy, nicely spiced - perfect.

Redneckhunter got his own plate -- his beloved biscuits and sausage gravy, topped with cheese and scrambled egg -- called the Rob Evans.  He had to hand it to them - one of the best he's had north of the Mason-Dixon line.

The collards we ordered with the chicken were wonderfully bacony. I think it was the best of the sides.  1000yregg liked the hush puppies - they were little and crisp and light, but I tend to like mine bigger and denser.  Mac and cheese was fine, but I needed to save room for PIE!

We each got a slice.  I think Redneckhunter's was the best - banana cream.  Mine was pumpkin, and 1000yregg went with key lime pie.  Graham cracker crusts were buttery, whipped cream was smooth and delicious -- everything was just the right amount of sweet - fresh natural flavors and not cloying.  
Pies n' Thighs
166 South 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY