Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sometimes Dining, Baltimore - A Sign Sure

This past week, I was lucky enough to be able to go to another Sometimes Dining dinner. The theme was "A Sign Sure".
When we arrived, we immediately started with a pleasant amuse bouche of tuna rolled in radicchio and ricotta cheese.

Also, they brought out platters of (literally) housemade charcuterie with homemade crackers. We tried pork garlic sausage and lardo. They also had a date roll and olives accompanying the tasty meats.

Our first course was a nice salad made of fennel, jicama, & daikon with bits of bell pepper topped with a grapefruit chevre dressing and an anchovy.
Course two was a soup described as "pho-style" with veggies and beef tenderloin. It tasted more like a lemongrass broth with chili oil, but still nice. I kind of hoped for some rice noodles when I read the description.

Sometimes Dining's "le trou normande" was a drink of gin and melon. It had a nice canteloupe flavor.
For our main entree, we had halibut with swiss chard served on a bed of wonderful thyme noodles that had a sauce made from mussel sauce. I pretty much cleaned up the whole plate it was so good.

Dessert was also really interesting: it was a honey cake topped with a spicy whipped cream with Aleppo pepper, accompanied by a sauce made of beet puree. An interesting mix of sweet, spicy, and earthy flavors.
Again, we finished off the meal with some nice homemade chocolates, and I had a nice double espresso.


lawhound said...

1000yr egg -- love the blog. These "non-restaurant" dining experiences sound interesting -- can you send me an email or contact info to get on the mailing list? (offline, csmith@zuckerman.com)

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