Monday, April 05, 2010

Kellari Taverna, Washington DC

I went with some friend a few months ago to Kellari Taverna which had just opened a DC branch of their restaurant. The waiter mentioned that all their seafood was flown in fresh from the Mediterranean, and based on the freshness of our meal, I would believe it.

We started with Saganaki, a dish of Cretan Graviera cheese flamed with Metaxa, an alcohol made of brandy and wine. The flavor was really delicious.

We ordered the tasting menu to try a variety of the items on the menu. Our first plate, the charcoaled grilled octopus, was by far the best. It came with Plevrakia, lamb riblets, and small Spanakopita, spinach pies.

Our second dish was grilled langostines with Spanakorizo, or spinach with arborio rice.

Our main dish was Tsipoura fish with spinach. The fish was so incredibly fresh. It was really tasty and delicate.

We finished off our meal with a dessert plate of Baklava, Yiaourti me meli (like a cheesecake with sheep’s milk yogurt honey & walnuts), and Karidopita (a walnut cake with fig compote).

1700 K Street NW
Washington DC 20006

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