Thursday, April 22, 2010

Village Tart, NYC

Petiteseour and I are huge fans of Pinchet Ong. His Spot Dessert Bar is one of our favorites, and we liked the fact that he himself was there behind the counter making desserts.

So we knew we had to try Village Tart - his new sweet and savory bakery, cafe, and wine bar in Nolita. And sure enough Chef Ong was there again! This time we got to talk to him.

All of us - me, petiteseour, and 1000yregg - were consumed by the deliciousness of the Valrhona chocolate skillet torte. Baked literally in an iron skillet, it was simultaneously high-brow in its quality of ingredients, and low-brow in its gooey kid-like simplicity. We weren't as impressed by the carrot cake with dulce de leche frosting. Because Chef Ong was nice enough to talk to us and assured petiteseour that he wanted her honest opinion, she in her inimitable way, told him. The cake was dry and overbaked and while she appreciated that it was not too sweet, it needed more carroty flavor. I think he appreciated the honesty because he gave us a little bag of rugelach to go on the house!

Beyond the yumminess of the desserts, the charming French cafe atmosphere is another reason to visit. Every detail was thought out perfectly, from the marble table tops, black and white small-tiled floor, gold-trimmed dessert plates, wood paneled walls, leather banquettes, tin ceilings and glass chandeliers. Just view the slideshow.

We will certainly need to come back sometime for some real food, which looks delicious as well (as the slideshow will attest).

The Village Tart
86 Kenmare Street

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