Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jack's Bistro, Baltimore

Redneckhunter and 1000yregg had gone to Jack's Bistro without me during one Baltimore Restaurant Week. But Redneckhunter, knowing that I would like the retro feel of the place, and craving foie gras poutine, wanted to go back.

This time around, we ordered everything off the small plates sections of the menu. We got The "Bacon + Egg"- and egg slow-poached at 147 degrees, fried pork belly, mushrooms with pig jus (above). Redneckhunter's perennial choice of chicken liver mousse topped with cognac and clarified butter and pickled onions (left).

We also got the Mac + Cheese + Chocolate -- an interesting mix though I got a little tired of the sweetness of the chocolate shavings. The cheese was nice and creamy though.

We also got a side order of the jalapeno bacon and gouda grits. And of course what Redneckhunter had been craving - the foie gras poutine.

It's not Au Pied de Cochon's (but then again, what is?) - obviously there's no slab of foie thrown on top - it's in the sauce instead, but when you can't drive up to Montreal, at least there's something closer...

Jack's Bistro
3123 Elliott Street
Baltimore, MD

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