Monday, July 20, 2009

Poutine at Maamm Bolduc, Montreal

On our most recent trip to Montreal, we found a place called Maamm (or MA-Am-M) Bolduc near LaFontaine Park, that served amazing poutine. The place had a really nice neighborhood restaurant-vibe. They served burgers, including one with foie gras, but we were there for one thing- poutine.
We ordered the beef Bourguignonne poutine. The sauce, with ground beef, red wine, mushroom and onion, slathered over the cheese curds and fries was just fantastic.
We also order the 3 cheese poutine which had blue cheese and goat cheese with the usual cheese curds. This was also pretty great.
While La Banquise is open 24/7 for poutine, I would say I liked these specialty poutines a little better.

4351 De Lorimier Av
Montreal, QC H2H 2B3
(514) 527-3884


Unknown said...

Yes, trying a poutine in Montreal is a must. Have a look at the different kinds of poutine you can get at resaurant la Banquise:

fougoo said...

Thanks! Yeah, we love La Banquise: