Thursday, July 02, 2009

Coal Fire Pizza in Ellicott City, MD

Recently, another coal oven pizza place opened just out side of Baltimore in nearby Ellicott City. The aptly named, Coal Oven Pizza, is definitely worth checking out for some pretty well charred crust.
From what I had heard, the larger 16" pie ends up less well cooked than the 12" one, so we ordered 3 of the smaller pies. We also had the ulterior motive to try their three sauces - the Classic, the Spicy, and the Signature.
All the pies had a nice crispiness in their crusts. While, I admit the signature sauce was sweeter than I'm used to, it kind of grew on me. The spicy was nice too, tasting as sweet as the signature sauce but with a little kick. Their margarita pizza with the classic sauce was definitely great.

5725 Richards Valley Rd
Ellicott City, MD 21043-6901
(410) 480-2625

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