Saturday, July 11, 2009

Abbey Burger Bistro, Baltimore, MD

In Federal Hill in Baltimore, we went to the Abbey Burger Bistro on Cross St. for some pretty darn delicious burgers made with beef from the local Roseda farm. Redneckhunter got the foie gras burger (above), with Hudson Valley foie gras.
Fougoo got their peanut butter burger which in addition to the peanut butter had bacon on it. The flavors were actually really good together.

I got the Harry's bistro burger, which had bacon, cheddar, and a fried egg served on an English muffin. I love egg on burgers.

We shared an order of the waffle fry nachos with black beans, chili, gran queso, avocado, crème fraiche and tomato- not bad. They also make their own potato chips which were also good.

For dessert, we got a chipwhich. The cookies were a bit hard, but the ice cream was really good- clearly homemade.

I also tried their Berger cookie shake which was spiked with vanilla Stoli and Godiva liqueur. Nice flavor, but the alcohol probably wasn't necessary probably because the ice cream was really nice.

1041 Marshall Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

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