Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sandwhich in Chapel Hill, NC

While visiting Kelly in Chapel Hill, NC, she took me to Sandwhich, a lunch place that specializes in amazing sandwiches which also rely on local ingredients.
On the first day we went, I got the day's special, a banh mi with roast lamb and pate. It was great. The bread had a crispy crust, and the fresh ingredients were just delicious.
Kelly's favorite sandwich was the Avocado sandwich with tomato, greens, onion, and garlic mayo. One nice thing about her sandwich was that it was toasted lightly on the inside faces of the bread so as to prevent sogginess from the ingredients.
Sandwhich also make their own potato chips as well as fries- both of which were tasty.
We went a second time, and that time, I got the Morgada sardine sandwich which was also outstanding.

Courtyard of Chapel Hill
West Franklin at Roberson St. (behind Penang)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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