Monday, September 29, 2008

Three Tarts and Klee Brasserie

When I have my lunch and shopping outings with petiteseour, often dessert is the best part of our meals. On this rainy day in Chelsea, we had wanted to eat at Le Grainne Cafe, but it was closed for a private event.

So not wanting to walk too far, we ended up at Klee Brasserie, just a block away. We caught them just before the kitchen was closing for lunch, and ordered some garlic scape and chicken soup, mini lobster rolls, and pasta with sausage (rainy day comfort food). It was a nice space, but the only memorable thing about the food was that the soup was served from a Bodum coffee press poured over a "popcorn cake" which ended up being kind of like a matzoh ball.

As I said dessert was far better, as we waited out some heavy downpours at Three Tarts. I got an Espresso gelée and almond panna cotta with a Valrhona dark chocolate "lovely." Petiteseour got a parfait with a creme fraiche and maybe some tropical fruit compote (I can't remember, maybe she can help me out) and a chocolate "yumball."

Klee Brasserie
200 9th Ave. (Btwn 22nd & 23rd St.)

Three Tarts
164 Ninth Avenue (at 20th Street)
Phone: 212/462-4392

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