Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Girls Cooking Night: Lobster

Our last girls cooking night didn't have a theme per se, but everything revolved around Marian coming back from Maine with live lobsters. I made gougeres -- basically French cheesy poufs.

They're made by bringing butter and milk to a boil, then mixing in flour to create a choux pastry like the kind used for cream puffs, only seasoned with salt and cayenne pepper. Then 2 cups of cheese are mixed in. They were delicious, but next time I will be less lazy. After grating a cup and a half of gruyere by hand on the microplaner, for the remaining 1/2 cup, I just used coarse grated parmegianno. I think they'd be prettier and fluffier if it had all been finely grated cheese.

The lobster was sweet and delicious, accompanied by a salad. It was the perfect end to the summer. Followed by Brownie's pumpkin cheesecake, welcoming us into the Fall

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