Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Comida Mexicana Taco Truck, Carrboro, NC

In the town of Carrboro, there are two taco trucks, one by Fitch Lumber, the other by Cliff's Meat Market.
I went to the one by Cliff's at 11pm Sunday night and grabbed a lengua taco. I am used to homemade corn tortillas, but for two bucks, the taco was good, nicely filled with delicious beef tongue.

100 West Main Street
Carboro, NC 27510


Mal said...

Still one of the BEST food blogs on the internet - thanks !! What kind of camera and lens are you using for your food shots ?? Thanks !

1000yregg said...

Honestly, I just use an inexpensive Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX series camera with a Leica lens. It's small and portable, and has a food setting to reduce flash on the food.

Truck Rental said...

And I thought that I've nothing to do with my old truck, bon appetit :)