Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flushing Food Safari, Little Pepper

Next stop on the food safari was the basement Sichuan restaurant Xiao La Jiao (aka Little Pepper). We started with a couple of cold appetizers: ma la (spicy) beef tendon with the wonderful Sichuan peppercorn - what I call "the numbing spice" and cucumbers marinated in loads of minced garlic.

We also got two bowls of the Sichuan red oil wontons, and fried rice with dried minced pork.

The one main dish we ordered was the tea-smoked duck -- so smoky it tasted almost like bacon. Mmmm bacon...

The waitress definitely was disapproving that we ordered so little food... even though it was 3 pm, and we told her we were going to eat somewhere else afterward.

Only a Chinese person would look at this table and think it wasn't enough food.

Little Pepper
133-43 Roosevelt Ave.,
Flushing, Queens

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