Monday, April 28, 2008

Locopops, Chapel Hill NC

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I visited the amazing Locopops, a local chain of gourmet Mexican popsicles called paletas that had a writeup in Food & Wine last year.
They specialize in two kinds of popsicles, paletas de aqua made with water/juice and paletas de crema made with milk. They use local organically grown ingredients in many of the flavors.
When I went one day, we tried two of the aqua flavors: pomegranate tangerine & mango hibiscus. Both were really good, but I definitely favored the mango hibiscus which was a great flavor combination.

I was compelled to try more Locopops, so on the following day, I went back, and this time, I went for a crema flavor, chocolate curry coconut. Again, the flavor combination was delicious.
There were numerous other interesting flavors available when we went: apricot chipotle, mojito, thin mint, pineapple basil, and Mexican chocolate. But alas, no time to try them all on this trip.
What can I say, "I'm loco for Locopops".


Anonymous said...

Mango and chilli was my favorite. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I just finished off a chocolate sesame wasabi pop--it was outrageous! I've never had a bad Locopop, and for $2, what's not to love?

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with all things Loco Pop. Going to Durham this weekend with an empty cooler to bring home :)