Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Faidley's, Lexington Market, Baltimore

A few weeks ago 1000yregg took us to Lexington Market, on the edge of West Baltimore, to Faidley's. They sell all kinds of fresh seafood and have a huge raw bar, but we were there for Baltimore's Best crabcakes.

The things that distinguish Faidley's from the rest are: 1) they mix in the "mustard" - the yellow tomalley from inside the crab and 2) they deep-fry the crabcake but without any filler or breading, and 3) they use only Maryland crab. All lump, all deliciousness!

Incidentally, Lexington Market is amazing. It's been around since 1783 and has managed to thus far escape gentrification. Pretty much the only white people in the whole place were concentrated at Faidley's. Not a cafe, tea shop, cupcake joint or gourmet store in sight. Instead you'll find endless stalls of hog maws, pig feet, fried chicken gizzards, and chitlins. In addition to Faidley's, two other Baltimore institutions you'll find there are Polock Johnny's hotdogs and Berger's Bakery - home of the goodness that is the Berger cookie.

Faidley Seafood
(410) 727-4898

World Famous Lexington Market
400 W. Lexington Street
Baltimore, MD 21201


Anonymous said...

hello and yum to it all. WHat nice photos!

yes, bergers cookies are like sin in cellophane.

Those Thai fruits look so cool. I wonder if you could get them at the asian markets on Rt. 40 in Catonsville?

Anonymous said...

Whenever we make a run to Lexington Market, we always pick up cookies at Bergers, and we never forget the fries at Dudley's ... City Paper named 'em Best Fries in Baltimore in 2004.