Monday, April 14, 2008

Ban Thai, Baltimore

It's Thai Restaurant week in DC-Baltimore and the same goes for our blog. Tonight, driven by a fever for the flavor of fresh Thai Mangosteens, I went to Ban Thai restaurant in Baltimore.
It was not "redefined" like Born in Vienna- rather, it was more straight up Thai cuisine.

Their Basil Duck dish was delicious and crispy.
We also had the Beef Panang which was surrounded by a forest of un-Thai broccoli. The Pad Thai was nice as well.

Certainly the highlight was the Thai fruit plate. We got Longans, Rambutans, and of course, Mangosteens. Some crazy customers didn't finish their plates, so of course, we snagged some of their unpeeled longans. Sad, I know.


Anonymous said...

1000yregg- I can't believe you disclosed to the entire blogosphere that we took leftover fruit from someone else's table!! It was worth is though wasn't it? I only wish they were mangosteens!

1000yregg said...

funny stories make for good blogging i guess

Anonymous said...

After living in Thailand for 4 years I find Ban Thai a great place for Thai food. I only wish my wife would let me grab the fruit.