Monday, March 31, 2008

Girls Cooking Night: Green

For our last girls cooking night on March 17, we went with a St. Patrick's theme and all made green food.

We started off with green-flecked scallop ceviche in a coconut milk base with avocado, chiles, and cilantro.

My contribution was a pureed asparagus and leek soup with just touch of cream.

Our main dish was a green curry with chicken, eggplant and snowpeas, with crushed basil and peanuts, over thick rice noodles, accompanied by a spinach salad with a bacon raspberry dressing.

We finished the meal with two great green-themed desserts: creme-de-menthe mint chocolate bars, and key lime pie with a delicious pecan graham crust.

Our recent new mom member made a really pretty green pea hummus. Sadly, baby kept her from being able to make it, but she participated by proxy with her shamrock-garnished dish.

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1000yregg said...

Not having radioactive green colored key lime pie is just unnatural.