Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Girls Cooking Night: Wraps

Last week's Girls Cooking Night theme was things that were wrapped, either in dough or other food wrappers. I made 2 kinds of meat pies. Above are my mom's gali jiao (curry pies). Inside is ground beef and onion with curry, outside is a pie crust-like dough, brushed with egg and baked for 15 minutes or so. I don't make them nearly as pretty as my mom does...

For our other appetizer, Kim made awesome dates stuffed with parmesan then wrapped with bacon - a 3-in-1 wrapper!

For main courses, we had Brownie's Asian chicken lettuce wraps - a lighter interpretation of the concept.

Debbie brought us Middle Eastern-style wrap-your-own-wrappers with chickpeas and cucumbers, and roasted eggplants.

My second type of meat pie were bureks from Eastern Europe -- phyllo dough wrapped and coiled, stuffed with ground beef and onion seasoned with loads of paprika and a little cheese.

Finally Kim and Marian rounded us out with dessert. Kim's ganache sugar cookies didn't end up being wrappable, but were delicious anyway. She brought extra ganache, and when you loaded the cookie up with extra chocolate, it was like an upscale Berger cookie!

Marian's crepes were delicious (though I didn't snap a picture of the crepe itself), but we stuffed them with berries, bananas and her delicious homemade lemon curd.

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