Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Best Street Food in Korea

The ubiquitous street food in Korea is dokbokki (rice cake in spicy sauce). Everywhere you looked, you'd find a tarp-covered stall, a big pot of the red stuff, and a Korean woman happy to scoop you up a plastic-bag-lined bowl for you to eat with a toothpick on the sidewalk.

It was perfect sustenance for walking around in the bitter cold - and we had some good, and some not so good bowls of it.

But our revelatory food moment came at a food stand near the Namdaemun market, when we tried this variation of dokbokki, in which the rice cake tube was wrapped in pork sausage, stuck on a stick, and dipped in hot sauce.

It was amazing - by far the best thing we ate in Korea. Absolute perfection on a stick. The best foods are the ones you dream about, and this was definitely it.

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