Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rootwoman's Wedding Banquet, Honolulu

What brought us to Honolulu in the first place was rootwoman's wedding. After short and sweet vows outside Iolani Palace, the wedding banquet was held in Chinatown. Here's a rundown of the courses:

Cold dishes to start: char siu, jellyfish, cold pork, and drunk chicken.

Followed by yin-er (silver tree fungus) soup with chicken.

Peking Duck, served not in the traditional bao bing, but in a small mantou. Then Walnut Prawns with XO sauce.

Steamed chicken with bok choy.

Fried oysters (above) with pepper-salt.

Fatty pork with taro.

Braised duck.

And last course, Sweet and sour fish.

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