Sunday, November 08, 2009

Jade Island Restaurant, Staten Island, NY

Fougoo, Redneckhunter and I, inspired by the recent episode of No Reservations where Tony Bourdain went with David Johansen to a tiki bar in Staten Island, went to that very restaurant, Jade Island, over the Halloween weekend.
The place was in a massive strip mall that had a Pathmark. The decor was definitely old school. There were lit up paintings of Polynesian scenery all around, and the friendly waiters all wore Hawaiian shirts.
The Chinese food on the menu looked like it had not changed since the 60's or 70's- mostly items with either a brown sauce or a sweet and sour sauce. We even noticed that they still had Sanka on the menu.
Regardless, we were there for drinks with umbrellas and a flaming Pupu platter.
I got a Coconut Kiss, a very strong concoction of gin and coconut milk.

The Pupu platter was impressive, with a flaming centerpiece surrounded by delicious meats. The best item was a cumin beef kabob, and their spareribs were also good. I also liked a ravioli shaped item fried up that consisted of chicken.

We also tried a "Polynesian" steak dish that probably wasn't the best choice- brown sauce.
However, thanks to a wonderful buzz from the alcohol, a bellyful of meat, and the authentic Tikibar surroundings, it was great night out.

2845 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314-5850
(718) 761-8080‎


Thayer Coburn said...

Olive and I share a Pupu Platter every Thursday night after her ballet class. Consists of sweet marinated steak, pretty good spareribs, fried shrimp, fried wontons, and awesome peanut butter-laden egg rolls. It feels so decadent to get to share it with her--I feel like I've died and gone to heaven every time we do it. She of course loves to say "Pupu Platter", too.

Thayer Coburn said...

BTW--It's also flaming. We never knew you could put out the napalm fire with just one ice cube until our waitress did last week.

fougoo said...

who doesn't love saying "pupu"? Imagine my delight when I moved to Hawaii and found out that all appetizers are called pupus!