Monday, November 02, 2009

Immeasurable Chicken and Waffle, Baltimore

Local Baltimore gospel singing group Immeasurable opened their own restaurant on Baltimore's west side recently, Immeasurable Chicken & Waffle.
I went one morning and had their signature item, the Immeasurable Chicken Supreme. It was a large waffle topped with grilled chicken breast pieces and all of it smothered with a chicken gravy. While I think I would have like fried chicken even more, the waffle was really good. It went really well with the savory gravy.

1700 W Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21223


Anonymous said...

Went there on 11/29/09 and had grits and catfish. Was great!! My boyfiend had chicken and waffles. Food was great, service ok, cleanliness could use some improvement. This isn't a fancy joint but the food was delicious. I would recommend this place to a friend. Also tip, is automatically included on check.

Anonymous said...

I went today and to my suprise they have a club upstairs and boy was it the jump off I went and ate and danced my a** off shout out to the dj soul I come from ny where the best of the best djs come from and he's hot so is the group immeasurable I met all three of them one makes the virgin drinks up stairs in the club vicky I remember her cuz she's cute and got a great personality and she's funny so visit immeasurable chicken and waffle 1700 w pratt st bmore md