Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Return to Grace Garden Chinese in Odenton, MD

After my first trip to Grace Garden Chinese, I knew I had to go back to try more of their extensive menu. Even Skilletdoux posted about them twice, and it was nice to see his great pictures framed and mounted all around the restaurant.
We started with the Sichuan Beef Treasures or "triple T" which was beef tongue, tripe and tendon served with a mala (spicy) sauce and peanuts. It was fantastic. My mother told me the original name for this dish was Fu Chi Fa Pi, or "husband & wife lung slices", but has been modified to not freak out non-Chinese.
We then got Fish Noodles, which consisted of actual noodles made with ground fish. The flavor was really nice and the noodles were incredibly tender.

We did pre-order one dish which actually is not yet officially on the menu, the Eight Treasure Duck. Our whole table was amazed at the skill involved in this dish. It was a whole duck, completely deboned with the skin intact stuffed with sticky rice chock full of Chinese sausage, lotus, and mushrooms.
It's cooked so well that the duck fat is completely absorbed by the rice- unbelievable. Chef Li noted that no soy sauce was necessary for this dish. The presentation is like a sticky rice cake with and icing of duck meat and skin. Hands down, one of the most amazing and unique dishes had by myself and even my parents.
It should be noted, this dish needs at least a 3 day pre-order, but completely worth the experience.
The rest of our meal was great. We ordered some Chinese Broccoli cooked impeccably well with garlic. No need for dipping sauce here- the vegetable flavor was all that was necessary.

I love Braised Sea Cucumber, so we tried Chef Li's version of this personal favorite. His sauce was really nice and light, and the cucumber was cooked well. Now, they noted that the sea cucumber used was not the highest quality, and if I called a week ahead next time, they would be happy to make the dish using the better item for me. I plan to take them up on that.

Our final dish was the Basil Chicken or "Three Cup Chicken". Again, this dish was delicious. Ol' ironstomach noted that there was not a single disappointing item in our menu.

1690 Annapolis Rd
Odenton, MD 21113
(410) 672-3581

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