Monday, July 07, 2008

Fryday!- All Kinds of Wrong

With a deepfryer at their house, Fougoo and Redneckhunter hosted "Fryday" this Independence Day weekend. We were all prepared for all kinds of wrong, cholesterol raising goodness with the fryer. After starting with some healthier dishes like salad and fruit, the gluttony started.
It was simple at first- beer battered onion rings. These were pretty great fresh out of the the fryer.
We followed it with a nice fish fry using tilapia. The filets were thin and cooked well.

Fougoo's friend from Brooklyn was nice enough to bring a large slab of duck foie gras as well as some black truffles. Inspired by Au Pied Du Cochon, the group prepared a foie gras poutine, using foie gras in the gravy as well. In place of cheese curds, they added mozzarella. All in all, the flavor was pretty amazing- especially with the rich delicious gravy.

With some shaved black truffle in the batter, we then had delicious deep fried mushrooms.

We made some country fried steak. This came out pretty amazing since unlike places that use cheap pieces of beef, we used some of the good stuff. It really packed in serious juiciness and flavor, and somehow, Redneckhunter-oops- Fougoo cooked it a perfect medium rare.

Redneckhunter had the idea to deep fry some bacon. This was the epitome of the wrong and right of Fryday. It tasted great.

Inspired by New Jersey's "rippers", we then proceeded to deep fry hot dogs. When the skin "ripped", they were pulled out and ready to eat. The flavor is much richer when prepared this way, and they were incredibly juicy.

With some of the leftover foie gras, we seared a few pieces for an cleansing of the palate, if you will, before dessert.

For dessert, Fougoo, inspired by her trip to Hawaii this year, made some malasadas, the Portuguese style of doughnut. Her first batch were a bit large so they didn't cook in the center, but when she made them smaller, they were amazing. After the frying, she coated it with a little sugar, and that was all.


fougoo said...

dude, unlike most days when redneckhunter handles the meat, he was too busy smoking cigars, so I was the one who cooked the country-fried steaks to their perfect medium rare!!!


1000yregg said...

Sorry about that, I was busy playing Rock Band and watching The F Word in between courses.

BrookLEn said...

Oh, my heart goes out... I mean, my heart is going out from all that frying... so wrong, but so RIGHT with the American Flag plate...