Friday, July 11, 2008

Caracas Arepa Bar, NYC

So after an afternoon of shopping, we made it back to Caracas Arepa bar for an early dinner. I ate here once years ago, but petiteseour saw them recently kick Bobby Flay's butt on Food Network Throwdown. We tried 2 arepas: above is La Surena - grilled chicken and chorizo, avocado slices with chimichurri (as Caracas describes it a "classic and always enigmatic oregano based sauce").

We also got an Arepa De Pabellon -- shredded beef, black beans, sweet plantains and aged cheese.

The arepas themselves were crispy and light - not doughy at all. Both fillings were great in their own way. I loved the slight tartness of the chimichurri with the saltiness of the chorizo. The beef, beans, and plantain all melded together in a delicious comfort-food mush of wonderful flavors.

Caracas Arepa Bar
93 1/2 East 7th Street, NYC

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