Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lunch at Huong Que- Four Sisters, Eden Center, VA

Last weekend, met up with some friends at the Eden Center in Falls Church, VA. The Eden center is the heart of the Vietnamese community in the DC area. It boasts some 120 shops in it's complex, including 30 restaurants. We ate at one restaurant, Huong Que - Four Sisters, a favorite of several area bloggers and on chowhound.
We started with their Bo Tai Chanh, a beef salad. The way I prefer it is with raw beef marinated in lime juice, but the beef in this dish was cooked with a salad. I was a little disappointed by this.

On the other hand, I did quite like their summer rolls with shrimp and pork and particularly, their crispy egg rolls. The skin was nicely fried - crunchy and a little bubbly.

My favorite dish at the restaurant was the Bo La Lot, or beef wrapped in grape leaves.
You take some rice paper, and then you place one of the stuffed grape leaves into it along with some rice noodle vermicelli and some vegetables. Roll everything up like a burrito and then dip in the spring roll sauce. Yummy.

I tried the Banh Xeo, or crispy pancake stuffed with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts. It reminded me some of a samosa. Nice texture, but the flavor was a bit bland, but then with some sriracha, everything was alright.
We also got the fish special which was cooked in a sweet and sour type sauce. Nice and light.

Huong Que / Four Sisters
6769 Wilson Blvd.
Falls Church, VA 22044


fougoo said...

I think the raw beef may be a different dish... not sure, check the vietnamese names on the menu.

We had the salad dish that's more like this at Land Thai Kitchen:

fougoo said...

oh wait, but I guess that's thai, not vietnamese...