Sunday, July 08, 2007

Andy Nelson's Barbeque

I went to have lunch at Andy Nelson's Barbeque in my hometown of Cockeysville, MD. The place makes pretty darn great Memphis style BBQ ribs - they're smoked for hours and then coated with tasty, zesty sauce. The meat comes easily off the bone.

We ate up a generous full rack of ribs. We also got a whole Dixie Smokehouse chicken. This had a real nice smokey flavor with a nice coating of spices. I actually liked this with the restaurant's Carolina sauce which had a little mustard flavor to it.
We also got some sides: the cole slaw and the BBQ baked beans. I love good beans at a bbq place, and Andy Nelson's were actually pretty light for beans- more tangy, but this went really nice with the heavy meat load of the ribs and chicken.

Andy Nelson's Barbeque
11007 York Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030
(410) 527-1226


fougoo said...

that chicken looks great!

Anonymous said...

That all looks great, but I must say that I've never seen ribs like that in Memphis.

1000yregg said...

The ribs are prepped Memphis style with a dry rub of spices and then smoked. We then added sauce on top of the ribs.
I had it the same way as I did at Corky's in Memphis years back. It's always been my preference since I lived in St. Louis and had that blend of Memphis and Kansas City style of BBQ.