Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bamboo House, Newark, DE

On our way back from the Delaware seashore, the blog crew stopped in Newark and had dinner with my parents at their "local." Some people have neighborhood bars... my parents have a Chinese restaurant where everybody knows their name. The kind of place where I always have to wave at tables full of people I don't know as my parents tell their friends that their daughter has come home to visit.

Because like most Chinese restaurants these days this one serves sushi, my parents always have us order a couple rolls to start, even though they don't even like sushi. The one in the middle was pretty good with fried oysters inside.

We also had ma la fish (top), tender flaky filets with that great Sichuan spice; pepper-spiced lamb (above); and minced shrimp to be eaten in lettuce wraps (below).

Recommended by the owner was bok choy with smoked pork. They smoke the meat themselves at the restaurant. The owner told us when they started making it, they'd choose leaner cuts knowing that Americans prefer lean meat, but it just wasn't as good and besides more Chinese ordered it anyway, so they went back to fatty pork.

And last but not least, was three-cup chicken, a stew made with one cup soy, one cup sesame oil, and one cup shaoxing wine, along with plenty of ginger and basil. BrookLEn liked this so much, he asked me to dig up a recipe for him.

Bamboo House
721 College Square
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 368-9933

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