Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Fractured Prune, Ocean City, MD

I've seen Fractured Prune donut shops in Ocean City for a few years now, but never went in. The name always made me think it was a health food chain - boy was I wrong! A long line at Dunkin Donuts finally got us over to the Fractured Prune, which had an equally long line, but once I smelled those freshly fried donuts and saw the concept, we had to wait.

Fractured Prune donuts are all hot and glazed to order. You can choose from a list of specialty combos that they've made up, or design your own. Or you can just order them plain and hot. They were truly fresh out of the fryer - almost too hot to pick up, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

Here's the list we had (written on the box then passed back to the donut glazer in back to fill the order). My favorite was French toast, moist and eggy, dripping with maple syrup, dusted with cinnamon.


BrookLEn said...

I liked the french toast, and I'm always a fan of a good Plain Jane... cakey but not dry!! Great for the beach, makes the sand taste goood...

Anonymous said...

these are the best doughnuts i've ever had. i ordered a black forrest first thing in the morning and didn't know a doughnut could taste that good.