Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Snacks with Sake in Tokyo

In Tokyo, we stayed with Fougoo's brother, and on one day, they threw a birthday party for his four year old daughter. The kids were playing the the family room while the parents spent time in the kitchen having more than a few drinks.
One mom brought sake from her family's sake brewery. (the green bottle on the left) It was nice, a daiginjŨ-shu I think.
Of course, with alcohol, you have to have snacks. Well the Japanese are not just satisfied with beer nuts. My cousin's wife first busted out some seasoned roe. It's saltiness went well with the alcohol.
Then, one of the parents brought out an item packaged in aluminum foil. Inside, deep fried eel bones and chicken gizzards. The bones were crunchy and easy to eat like pretzels, and the gizzards, sprinkled with lemon were tasty.

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