Thursday, May 17, 2007

The best nori-rice cracker ever!

I bought 2 bags of these at one of the train station platform kiosks along the Enoshima-Kamakura-Yokohama line and fell in love. Nori-wrapped rice crackers filled with cheese -- and not the powdery, salty orange kind you get in, say, Combos, but creamy, pungent camembert! We had a debate whether it was the nori or the cheese that really made these, but really it's the whole package - crunchy, creamy, flavors of seaweed and cheese inexplicably melding together deliciously...

I was a big fan of Chinese Combos (one of the few American snacks available back in 1994) which came in flavors like roast pork, American cream, and spicy shrimp, but these blew those out of the water! From that point on in the trip, I stopped at every grocery store and convenience store we passed, but never found them again... I'm on a mission now -- I brought the wrapper home with me, hoping that maybe the elusive snack can be found at the Mitsuwa in Fort Lee, NJ, or the Sunrise Mart at St. Mark's Place.

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