Sunday, May 13, 2007

Okonomiyaki Food Stand at Aoyama Flea Market

While out at a flea market in Aoyama, Licking Pants, Fougoo, and I saw this okonomiyaki food stand nearby so we decided to grab a bite.
Okonomiyaki is orginally a dish from Osaka, and it basically means "whatever you want grilled up". It starts with a batter like a pancake or crepe and you basically throw whatever topping you want on it.
At this stand, they used cabbage, pickled ginger, and egg. When done, the pancake was folded over and topped with okonomiyaki sauce- which tastes like a sweeter teriyaki sauce. They also added bonito flakes and Japanese mayo.
A great snack to start you off on a day of shopping on Sunday in Tokyo.

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