Thursday, May 10, 2007

Food section of Takashimaya, Tokyo

I think it's hard if you've never been to Japan to conceive of just how amazing the food sections in department stores are. Forget all your notions of the gourmet sections of Bloomingdale's or even Harrod's. Instead imagine all the floor space devoted to clothing, devoted to food. Imagine, say, the entire Philadelphia Reading Terminal Market, plus an entire Whole Foods, in the basement of a department store.

The variety is astounding -- everything from fresh butchered meats and fish, to bento boxes, to top-of-the-line (and price tag) fruit, to French pastries, to barrels of gizzards and hearts, to mountains of fish roe, to steamed buns, fresh omelettes, freshly steamed tofu, and on and on. You could make a meal just from going around eating free samples. If I lived near a place like this, I could buy a different thing for dinner every night and not repeat myself for years. Words don't do it justice, so here are just a sampling of pics:

More mochi than you can imagine:

Western breads and pastries:

Overpriced fruit -- the perfect melons for $200 a pair!

Fresh seafood:

Prepared foods (including quite possibly the best omelette I've ever had):

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Mmmmmmm. I love mochi!