Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jangara Ramen in Harajuku, Tokyo

Fougoo's and my first favorite ramen shop in Tokyo is Jangara Ramen located in Harajuku. It is right ouside the JR station and always has a line to get in. It's originally from the island of Kyushu, and it's specialty is ramen served in a tonkotsu broth made from pork bones. It's rich, delicious, and hits the spot every time.

Fougoo ordered the straight ahead broth up top, but I am partial to the one with spicy miso just above which is a little heavier. The noodles are yummy, and the pieces of fatty pork floating about are what is so right (and wrong) about really good pork. If that's not enough, there is also a hard boiled soy egg in the soup as well. I admit it, after finishing my bowl, soup and all, I had Fougoo give me her remaining broth and added an extra order of noodles to finish her bowl off.

In Japan, it is considered rude to blow you nose. This label was on the tissue box used for napkins at the shop, but how can you not want to blow your nose after a hot bowl of ramen?

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