Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes Dining - Pearl Nose Dive

Last night, I went to Waverly's Sometimes Dining for yet another great meal. I realized, I've now been going to this for about a year now, and it's been a pleasure each time.
We started with an amuse bouche of eggplant confit and clove yogurt on a cracker. It paired well with their recommended 2009 Montagny Cru, a sweet white Burgundy/Chardonnay wine.

The first course, presented family style, started with a wonderful salad of fennel, leeks, pear mint peas and arugula. It reminded me of a Thai papaya salad- with the leeks and fennel shredded up and mixed all together. I particularly savored the sweetness of the little peas.
This came with a spéculoos pork tenderloin with roasted radishes and parsley fennel fronds. The pork was sliced thinly and was very good with the veggies.

The second course was a soup with a parsnip base, sea scallops, red peppers, and celery. The broth had a really good sweetness to it which seemed like corn at first, and the scallops were delicious.

We also shared a deep fried pickled artichoke served with an oregano & saffron aioli. The aioli sauce looked like nacho cheese, but tasted much better.

Next up was a platter of housemade mortadella with pickled asparagus and cucumber. The mortadella had asparagus in it as well.
We had a toast with ouzo mixed a with housemade lemon soda.

The main dish was a seafood mushroom crepe with mustard, eggyolk, and grapes. The crepe was chock full of mushroom, crab (I think) and fish. We started in on a bottle of 2009 Sylvaner Reserve, Alsace, Weinbach, a dry white.

Dessert was a light and delicious semolina souffle with a burnt caramel pistachio crème anglaise. I pretty much licked my plate clean of the crème anglaise.

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