Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Deep Dish at Garces Trading Company, Philadelphia

I finally made it back to Garces Trading Company in Philadelphia to try their classic deep dish pie. Sure, it was massive and sure, I was by myself eating there on a Friday afternoon eavesdropping on a group of ladies talking about getting into a fistfight the night before. However, I planned on trying this last year.

I started with an order of the grilled Spanish octopus served with slices of apple & fennel and a glass of delicious sangria.
The deep dish was lovely. It's crust was about 3 inches thick. The classic is packed with just tomato confit, gruyère and fresh mozzarella. So simple and good. The crust is really tasty. Next time, I go perhaps I'll try one with their housemade sausage or duck confit.

1113 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 574-1099

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