Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eataly, NYC

Some photos from a recent trip to Eataly. Word to the wise - go on a weekday... It gets super-packed on weekends.

We loved the olive oil bread we brought home - a nice sourdough flavor, great toasted with butter.
Seafood looked amazing... they've got shad roe! And sea urchin!

We got a simple sandwich of spicy coppa from Salumeria Rossi - the bread was satisfyingly chewy and delicious. Next time, though, we're going to save room for a roasted meat sandwich from the Rosticceria. That day's special was roasted lamb...

Petiteseour got a strong macchiato from the espresso bar, but we weren't feeling quite up to having dessert just yet. Again, next time...

23th Street and 5th Avenue
New York

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