Monday, March 07, 2011

Shad Roe

Fougoo, Redneckhunter & I had the first shad roe of the season last week at their dining club in New Jersey. I hadn't had it in a few years, but now in the late winter for the next month or so, it should be available here in the Midatlantic region. I believe you can get it at the Peppermill in Lutherville, MD.
Shad is a freshwater fish found in rivers in this part of the country, and the real prize for diners is their egg sacks. It's usually pan fried, and eating it reminds me of ground hamburger and liver with a subtle fishy quality. It's worth seeking out.


Unknown said...

where in NJ did you have shad?

ChaCha said...

I had it at the Peppermill last year - I would not recommend... Chameleon Cafe in Lauraville & Joseph's in Fallston might be better? I think I will skip it this year!

fougoo said...

@Joan - sorry for the late reply. We had it at the Nassau Club in Princeton. It's a private club, though, not open to the general public.