Friday, February 25, 2011

M. Wells Diner, LIC Queens

One Sunday we made the drive up to meet our Queens friends up at M. Wells Diner. Since Au Pied de Cochon is probably our favorite restaurant in the whole world, we got so excited when we had heard about this place -- by a former APDC chef -- opening in our backyard!

Scared of long lines we read about on the Yelp reviews, our friends were kind enough go early to wait, so by the time we arrived, we only waited about 15 minutes. Even so, that wonderful greasy spoon smell was driving us crazy while we waited!

We started out with bone marrow and escargot, a perfect breakfast appetizer. The marrow was scooped out, the escargot stuffed into the bone, the marrow placed back on top, and probably put under a broiler (there was a nice crisp top), with parsley. Delicious! We had also ordered a couple of biscuits to start, with honeycomb and apple butter - those, however, were scarfed up before I could get pictures...

My friend couldn't get enough of the biscuits, apparently, because she got two more atop her seafood cobbler - super rich and hearty. Not only was the seafood good, but the brussels sprouts in the cobbler were surprisingly yummy! Her fiance ordered bacon, egg, and potato hash - with perfect soft-poached eggs, and tasty leeks.

I opted for a less rich option, and got the egg souffle - nice and light flavored with dashi, and topped with bonito flakes that were still twitching from the heat.

Redneckhunter got the hotdog -- a twist on a Michigan, topped with bacon chili, and a nice slaw, served on a Balthazar bun.

Luckily, we had saved room for dessert! I had forgotten the Serious Eats warning against the donuts - it was dry, stale, and not even worth eating... But we were happy with our 2 slices of pie - banana cream & coconut cream. Mmmm...

Addendum: M. Wells, Part Deux, 1000yregg's take.

M. Wells Diner
21-17 49th Avenue,
Long Island City NY 11101

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Delicious review!

FYI, I just read that they're now open for dinner:

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