Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bacon Explosion Night at George's, Baltimore

Last night I went to George's on Mount Vernon Square for their semiannual Bacon Explosion night.
I started with a spicy Bacon Bloody Mary, served with so many chunks of bacon floating around, they would get stuck on the end of the straw when you drank. The olives were stuffed with blue cheese & bacon as well.
They offered two versions of the Bacon Explosion. The traditional (above) consisted of Italian sausage, bacon & BBQ sauce wrapped in a bacon lattice.

I opted for a variant also on the menu, called the Explosion Explosion. It had the sausage mixed with rib meat & BBQ sauce in the Tholian web of bacon. Topped with a delicious coleslaw, this might have been one of the best variants on the the Explosion idea I've had. Previous experiences resulted in salt bombs that made it very hard to finish. Not so with the "XX".
Oh, I should also note, all the plates came with bacon wrapped white asparagus and bacon mashed potatoes.
For dessert, they served warm brownies with vanilla ice cream topped with bacon. As one of my dinner companions noted, it was a perfect meeting of warm & cold, sweet & salty.

101 W. Monument St.
Baltimore, MD

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