Monday, February 14, 2011

The Chivito at Fast Gourmet, DC

Forget hoagies, tortas, and banh mi, the hot new sandwich in DC is the Chivito, a sandwich originally from Uruguay.
Located in a Lowest Price gas station on the corner of 14 st NW & W is recently opened Fast Gourmet which has been getting serious buzz on food boards as well as the Washingtonian as the next big thing.

I drove down this past weekend to try this remarkable sandwich. The Chivito consists of beef tenderloin, Black Forest ham, bacon, mozzarella, hard boiled egg, olives, escabeche (onion, garlic, peppers in olive oil), lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise served on a soft roll that is also grilled. It makes for a knockout taste combination.
It was very big and came with very thin fries that reminded me of Steak & Shake fries from the Midwest. I already want to go back as Fast Gourmet's menu includes a Cubano, lemongrass coleslaw, and empanadas. Locals are lucky in that they deliver.

1400 W St NW
Washington DC


Unknown said...

This sandwich is the real deal. I used to live in Uruguay and it compares favorably with the best Chivitos of Montevideo,

David said...

This sandwich compares favorably with all food and all human experiences including sex.