Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Akosombo, Ghanian food in DC

This past weekend, I went to see M. Ward to play in DC, so I wanted to try a new place to eat. It was DC restaurant week, so all the well know places were pretty booked. While eating at Elfegne cafe a few weeks ago, crowsonguy mentions Ghanaian food, and by chance I happened upon a yelp listing for Akosombo, a block away from the concert venue.

The description was definitely gear to unafraid eaters- I was sold.
First off, the location has no sign and looked to be in slight disarray (view-bldg left of tree). There were plenty of cabs parked outside- a good sign. Cab drivers know good food.
The inside was modest to say the least, but welcoming. With no menu, I went to the back of the place where a server basically makes you plates from a 10 foot long steam table.

Since it was late, some of their dishes were already gone for the day, but I got a sampler plate of Ghanaian cuisine. I started with a groundnut/peanut soup with goat- really nice flavor and the goat was tender.
I then got a plate of rice with a slow cooked chicken with sauce and spinach with flecks of egusi, a seed of some sort.

Lastly, I got a fufu, a starch ball of cassava and plantain. With it, they gave me a spicy soup with a whole fish thrown in. At first, I picked the fufu and dipped it into the soup, but after awhile it was much easier with the whole ball in the soup.
Amazingly, everything totaled to only about $11. I was told I need to come back in the daytime to try other dishes like waakye and red-red. I will.

613 K St NW
(between N 6th St & N 7th St)
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 408-1133

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