Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dick's, Spokane, WA

I totally miss the old fried apple pies at McDonald's. When I was little, I didn't like the apple pie filling, so my dad would eat half a pie, eat out the rest of the filling (usually with a coffee stirrer), and let me have just the leftover crust.

Sucks when they switched over to a more healthy baked version -- it was never the same.

But luckily the divey Dick's Hamburgers in Spokane, WA still has deep-fried pies! Oh yeah, they have great burgers and onion rings, and malted milk shakes too (where you don't have to explain ask specially for a "black and white" (vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup), that's just how they make them). But the pies, oh, the pies....

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Jeangallo said...

Most KFC's sell the exact same kind of pie. :)