Friday, October 03, 2008

Restaurant Donde Luis, Trenton NJ

Debbie's friend Carlos took us to a Costa Rican restaurant in Trenton called Donde Luis. Redneckhunter, Kim, and I arrived first and entered through the bar. It was like a movie - the music stopped, and the bar patrons turned to look at us like "You're not from around here." When the waitress took us to our table, she was a bit concerned, "Do you speak Spanish?" she asked, because she only spoke a little English. We assured her that the Spanish speaker was on his way.

Debbie and Carlos arrived shortly and took over the ordering. We started with ceviche tico de pescado (costa rican fish ceviche). Then we got two of the soups, really more like stews: the sopa marinera (seafood soup with rice), a house specialty); olla de carne (meat soup with rice). The seafood soup had a delicious broth flavored by crab, fish, squid, and clams. I could have just kept eating the broth with rice all night. The meat soup had yucca, chayote, and corn, along with hunks of beef. Both of the soups were big enough for a full meal, perfect for sharing.

We also got an order of arroz con pollo, and we shared 2 platters -- Churrasco con camarones en salsa diana (sirloin steak with shrimp in yellow cream sauce), and Bisteck encebollado (Costa Rican plate with beef steak).

The churrasco was really tasty. Rice and beans were perfect with some of the spicy sauce they brought to the table - really nice kick.

Throughout our meal, we'd hear cheers and shouts from the bar in response to the futbol game on the TV, but the party really started kicking up in the bar when the karaoke started. The waitress brought out the list for us to peruse - I think I only found 3 songs in English I could have sung - Christina Aguilera, Lou Vega's Mambo No. 5, and Mariah Carey.

Donde Luis
346 Emory Ave
Trenton, NJ


Unknown said...

Do you happen to have an email or Twitter address for the restaurant?

fougoo said...

No - it's a pretty small place - I doubt they even have a website. But I'm sure you can find a phone number in the Trenton phone listings. Good luck!

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