Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Los Pinos, Cream Ridge, NJ

We were at Six Flags Great Adventure and spotted a Mexican place in a teeny strip mall down the street. It was a total crap shoot, but ended up being pretty good. I got mole poblano -- the chicken was pounded thin and tender, the crema was delicious (so much better than American sour cream), good beans and rice -- total comfort food. Redneckhunter got Bistec Mexicana, which came with a stack of corn tortillas -- he gobbled it up with everything mixed together and wrapped in tortillas.

Only complaint was the salsa they brought out to the table with chips - way too sweet... Probably the chef has a bit of sweet tooth, as everything (the mole, the sauce on redneckhunter's steak) was just a little on the sweet side.

Los Pinos
571 Monmouth Rd
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

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