Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Late Night Dinner At Joung Kak Korean BBQ, Baltimore

This past weekend, later in the evening, I met up with some local foodie friends for Korean BBQ at Joung Kak in the Charles North section of Baltimore. This 24 hour Korean BBQ place is unique in that the grills are heated by charcoal, which really turns up the flavor over places that use gas grills.
Of course with every Korean meal, you get a numerous variety of small plates including kim chi, chap chae, steamed egg, soup, pickles, and fish.

We ordered a variety of meats including kalbi, bulgolgi, pork, and tripe. Cooking with the charcoal was really good, and this was also the first time I've had tripe at Korean BBQ. It's good with the salty sesame oil.
We also got one of the hot pots- we chose one with kimchi, sausages, and SPAM. It also had sticky rice cakes (nian gao). It was nice because the SPAM was like a meat sponge absorbing the flavor from the soup.

18 W. 20th St.
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 837-5231

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