Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fiesta Grill, Chapel Hill, NC

In 2007, Gourmet magazine had a profile of the Mexican and Latin American restaurant scene in the Raleigh-Durham triangle of North Carolina. When I was visiting this past weekend, I went to a place mentioned in that article, Fiesta Grill along a highway in Chapel Hill.
I started with a carnitas taco with a corn tortilla. I would have liked the tortilla to have been a little fresher, but the carnitas was delicious. They gave a generous portion that was very flavorful.
Since it was Sunday, I got a bowl of menudo to sample with the meal. The tripe was delicious, and the soup was savory- not spicy though. I added a little hot sauce to give it the kick I like.
My favorite item was the pork tamal. It was smothered in a brown sauce and cheese. The tamal was moist and delicious.
Kelly got the vegetable quesadilla which was impressive- the tortilla must have been 18 inches in diameter and it was packed with squash, peppers, mushrooms and cheese.

Fiesta Grill
3307 Nc Highway 54 W
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 928-9002

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