Monday, May 12, 2008

Moksha, Edison, NJ

We went up to Edison, which is the Little India of New Jersey. We ate at Moksha on the famous Oak Tree Road.

We started off with the Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal (Mango & Peas Salad), which was recommended by NY Times NJ critic Karla Cook. It was kind of bland and tasted too healthy for my taste. The complimentary poppadums and chutney were a much better starter.

Our main dishes took forever to come out. Brownie's husband wasn't happy with his Kodi Vepudu (Chicken cubes in spicy dry masala), but the rest of us really liked it. The restaurant was kind enough to make him something else and let the rest of us keep and eat the first dish without charging us.

Our favorite all around was the Iguru Mamsam (Lamb Hot Pot). By the end we were sopping up the sauce with leftover bits of naan. We also got Sukka Bendakkai (Okra Crispy Fry), which was pretty good as far as okra goes - not slimy at least -- and Guthi Vonkaiya Koora (Baby Eggplant with Sesame).

The dosa, however, was disappointing. Our Khara Dosai was small, and the pancake wasn't crispy. I prefered the Idiappam (String hoppers made of rice dough). These were like Vietnamese bun noodles, and I liked them with the lamb sauce over them, instead of rice.

1655-200 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ

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