Thursday, February 07, 2008

Singapore's Banana Leaf, Farmer's Market, LA

Nestled in one corner of the LA Farmer's Market in Hollywood is a small stand, Singapore's Banana Leaf, that serves unique tasting food from recipes inspired by Singapore and Malaysia.

I've been coming to this place for several years and was glad that on this recent trip to LA that I was able to come back.
For a starter, we ordered the Rojak salad, a fresh salad made up of cucumber, sprouts, pineapple, apple, and fried tofu covered with a peanut tamarind dressing. One of my favorites.
We also ordered Paratha, basically fried dough you could pull apart and dip in a warm curry sauce.

For entrees, we got the Me Goreng with chicken and the Beef Rendang.
The Me Goreng was a fried noodle dish with some chile, vegetables, and meat- kind of like a Malaysian take on lo mein- delicious.

The most flavorful dish was probably the beef rendang- it's basically a slow cooked meat with coconut milk, ginger, and other spices. So flavorful and rich.

6333 W Third St Ste 122
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (323) 933-4627

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brownie said...

This looks amazing! I never get to LA, but between this and Mozza, i might have to! Great posts, 1000yregg!